Oil and gas complex

A combined inhibitor of hydrates, IGK-1, was developed and introduced (TU 25 U 13932886.103-97 of Ukraine) for the oil and gas complex of Ukraine in 1997, based on a solution of natural bischofite (RPB). Since 2012, the reagent has been produced according to new technical conditions, namely TU U 08.9-22529511-004:2012 - a sulfate-free solution of natural bischofite of IGK type.
Sulfate-free solution of natural bischofite of IGK type, hereinafter - IGK, is used in the process of treatment of the produced gas and is the most effective means of preventing and combating formation of hydrates and corrosion in gas collection and field processing systems. According to specifications, the reagent is a specially prepared solution of magnesium chloride. The use of IGK allows eliminating the deposition of gypsum in field equipment.
IGK has low corrosion activity. The corrosion rate of steel in the IGK environment at a regeneration temperature is 0.49 ... 0.65 g/m2 × year. For example, for calcium chloride this value is 24.6 g/m2 × year, that is, the corrosive activity of the IGK is more than 40 times lower than of the chloride calcium and is comparable with indicators of tap water. The antihydrating properties of IGK are not inferior to the properties of calcium chloride and even exceed them by 4 ... 6%. It was found that the dew point (by moisture) of the gas treated by the IGK is 2 ... 4 degrees lower than that one treated with a solution of calcium chloride under similar conditions.
In addition, due to its hygroscopicity, the treatment of gas by IGK makes it possible to reduce the separation temperature by 3 ... 4 ° C and get 4 ... 5% more gas condensate from the second separation stage than when treated with a solution of calcium chloride.
During the period of application of the combined inhibitor of IGK type in the Ukrainian gas fields, there were no complications caused by salt deposits and the formation of hydrates; the maintenance-free period of the equipment increased by 3 ... 4 times. The number of issues related to labor and the environment protection, including transportation and storage, has decreased.

Mineral resource industry

A means for processing rock mass to prevent its freezing in and adfreezing during transportation was developed and patented, based on a natural bischofite solution with regard to TU 25 U 22529511-003-97 of Ukraine.
Processing of cargoes with a solution based on bischofite allows preserving their flowability at low temperatures. The starting point for crystallization of the solution is the ambient temperature below –35 °C.
Many years of experience in using RPB in accordance with TU 25 U 22529511-003-97 of Ukraine at the mining enterprises of Ukraine have confirmed its high effectiveness as a means against freezing in the rock mass during its transportation by rail. There is also positive experience with the use of bischofite in mining facilities in Russia. All tests and further application of the solution showed positive results. No corrosion damage to the tank fleet, rolling stock, pipelines and other equipment was noted.
The technology of application of bischofite as a means against freezing-in is simple and does not require significant additional costs. Bischofite is supplied both by road and by rail.
Since 2000, the natural bischofite solution is applied as a means to prevent freezing-in according to the “Guidelines for processing rock mass with natural bischofite solution to prevent freezing-in and adfreezing at low temperatures” developed by Krivorozhsky Technical University and approved by the State Inspectorate for Quality of Iron Ores and the State joint-stock company "Ukrrudprom".
A method based on the use of a solution of natural bischofite has been developed and patented to prevent dusting of near-quarry and intra-quarry non-hard surface roads. The method is developed for the mining industry in the open-pit extraction of minerals, and specifically, when driving vehicles on near-quarry and intra-quarry non-hard surface roads in dry and hot times of the day. The method allows increasing the efficiency of dust control, reduce the number of movements of vehicles that process the surface of roads to prevent dusting, increase the time between operations to prevent dusting of roads, and therefore reduce the cost of their performance.
The natural bischofite solution according to TU 25 U 22529511-003-97 of Ukraine is used as a means to prevent dusting according to the “Guidelines to reduce dust emissions when moving vehicles on quarry roads by treating them with an aqueous bischofite solution” developed by the Krivorozhsky Technical University and approved by the Krivorozhsky Regional State Ecological inspection and State Joint Stock Company "Ukrrudprom".
 The possibility of using natural bischofite solution according to TU 25 U 22529511-003-97 of Ukraine in the production of iron ore pellets was investigated. Preliminary production tests were carried out at a concentration plant of one of the mining enterprises in Ukraine. The resulting economic effect indicates the prospects of this area.
For informational purposes: the listed means, methods, guidelines, techniques and instructions are developed only on the basis of the use of natural bischofite solution TU 25 U 22529511-003-97 of Ukraine.

Metals industry

One of the promising areas for the use of bischofite is the production of synthetic carnallite. The feasibility of application of bischofite as a raw material in the production of metallic magnesium was proved in the project "Production of magnesium raw materials based on Poltava bischofite" developed by the Institute of Titanium (Zaporizhia). The practical positive result of applying a natural bischofite solution was obtained during a test run of the first stage of the Kalush magnesium plant.

Medicine and balneology

Bischofite is of great importance in medical practice and balneology. The properties of the natural bischofite solution produced at the Zaturinsky deposit were studied by specialists of the Dnepro Medical Academy, Zaporozhye Medical University, Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy (Poltava), Research Institute of Hygiene and Medical Ecology (Kiev), Kharkov Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Ukrainian Center for Sports Medicine, Ukrainian Research Institute of Medical Rehabilitation and Balneology (Odessa).
The effectiveness of using the natural bischofite solution produced at the Zaturinsky deposit in the treatment of not only the musculoskeletal system, but also cardiological pathology (coronary heart disease, hypertension, tachyarrhythmia) has been proved, and the antibacterial and immunostimulating properties of the mineral have been studied. The possibility of using bischofite in therapy, dentistry, and gynecology has been studied also. Suppositories and ointments with bischofite have been developed. Bischofite electrophoresis is proposed for inflammatory gynecological diseases, for the treatment of biliary tract diseases, and also for the rehabilitation treatment applied for the liquidators of the Chernobyl accident. The complete safety of bischofite was confirmed. The use of a natural bischofite solution in sports and sports medicine was studied and recommended.
Indications for its use in spa practice are being studied and continued to expand.
Almost all perfumes, cosmetics, hygiene products and preparations which include bischofite mineral (Poltava bischofite) are made by Ukrainian enterprises on the basis of natural bischofite solution produced at the Zaturinsky deposit.

Agriculture, livestock farming, and veterinary medicine

Specialists of the Poltava State Agrarian Academy conducted research in the field of application of natural bischofite solution in agriculture. Methods and forms of using natural bischofite solution in agriculture, veterinary medicine, and livestock farming have been developed and proposed. These methods allow increasing crop yields. In recent years, the practice of treating mastitis of cows has expanded. The effectiveness of the natural bischofite solution in the prevention of many animal diseases has also been proven.

Building Industry

The solution of natural bischofite was widely used in the production of building materials and abrasive tools.
Our company has developed a technology for the production of self-leveling floors. They are made on the basis of wood-polymer-magnesia composition, which allows increasing their service life by several times in comparison with wooden floors. At the same time, the heat engineering characteristics are close to wooden floors, and they are not inferior in strength to expanded clay concrete.
A solution of natural bischofite is one of the components on the basis of which magnesium oxide boards (magnesite panels) are produced.
A magnesite panel is an environmentally friendly, universal panel finishing material based on magnesium oxide, sawdust, a solution of natural bischofite and fiberglass. The manufacturing technology and composition of the material give it qualities such as strength, flexibility, fire resistance, and frost resistance. Thanks to the reinforcing fiberglass mesh, the magnesite plate can bend with a radius of curvature of up to three meters. This quality allows its use on uneven surfaces and reduces the possibility of sheet fracture during installation and transfer. Magnesite boards belong to the group of building materials used in the technology of "quick construction" and "dry installation", they are an ideal alternative for gypsum boards, OSB, chipboards, fiberboards, flat slate, and moisture-proof plywood.
A combined hydrate inhibitor of the IGK type (TU 14.4-23557449-006:2008) is widely used as an anti-freezing heat transfer fluid for heating systems, which eliminates the possibility of thawing of a heating system.
Natural bischofite solution is a non-combustible material, which makes it possible to use it for fire-fighting materials.
Antagonistic and bacteriostatic properties of bischofite make its use as an antiseptic promising.

Road Transport

Intensification of road traffic and high demands on the quality of the road surface preparation lead to the search for new technologies which are necessary to maintain road network at the level necessary for the safety of all road users. One of the most important issues of this problem is the timely processing of road surfaces with anti-icing reagents in the winter.
The well-known prophylactic agents applied with the use of salts (such as NaCl, CaCl2), which in some cases are not effective enough, and in others they are not economically justified, do not satisfy sanitary-hygienic and environmental requirements.
A solution of natural bischofite has a slightly higher freezing temperature with respect to a solution of calcium chloride, but it has a significantly lower corrosivity. The cost of natural bischofite solution is less than the cost of calcium chloride solution. Natural bischofite solution acts quickly enough, in 15 minutes, it melts twice as much ice as sodium chloride.
Natural bischofite solution does not have a damaging effect on concrete structures and pavement. Most deicers destroy concrete structures (curbs, poles, and bridge piers), sidewalks and roadways.
The combination of properties of natural bischofite solution makes its use promising for the control and prevention of icing of roads, sidewalks, parking lots, etc.